Image Sitemap

Enhance your Image Sitemap with Pro Version features specifically designed for optimal performance and content inclusion.

Image MIME Types

Expand the scope of your Image Sitemap by specifying allowed image types. Supported MIME types: jpeg, png, bmp, gif, webp.

Exclude Broken Images

Ensure the integrity of your Image Sitemap by excluding broken or non-existing 404 images. It’s recommended to use this option in conjunction with Sitemap Cache to mitigate its impact on Sitemap Generating Speed.

Featured Images

Enrich your Image Sitemap by including featured images from Pages, Posts, and Custom Posts. Enabling this option broadens the content coverage of your Image Sitemap, enhancing its relevance and visibility.

WooCommerce Gallery

Enabling the Include WooCommerce Gallery Images option extends the functionality to incorporate the Gallery Images associated with your WooCommerce Products into your website’s Image Sitemap.

Custom Post Types

Additionally, with the Pro version, you have the flexibility to include or exclude Custom Post Types in your Image Sitemap: