Sitemap Structure

The Sitemap Structure settings allow you to define the hierarchy and appearance of your website’s sitemaps. You have the option to choose between Single Sitemap or Multiple Sitemaps, each offering different organizational approaches for presenting your content:

Single Sitemap

Selecting this option collects all links from your website and displays them in a Single XML Sitemap.

All content types, including Pages, Posts, and Custom Posts, are consolidated into one comprehensive sitemap.

Multiple Sitemaps

Choosing this option splits links into multiple Inner Sitemaps, creating a Sitemap Index.

Inner Sitemaps are created for different content types such as Pages, Posts, Custom Posts, etc.

Additionally, if enabled, the Sitemap Index contains links to the Media Sitemaps, which includes media files such as images and videos.

Select the option that best suits your website’s structure and content organization preferences. Whether you prefer a single comprehensive sitemap or a more segmented approach with multiple sitemaps, these settings allow you to tailor the sitemap structure to meet your specific needs.