Custom Sitemaps

Custom Sitemaps feature allows you to integrate additional XML Sitemaps into the Sitemap Index. This is particularly useful for including sitemaps generated by other services, static sitemaps, or any custom XML Sitemaps that need to be part of the website’s overall sitemap structure.

You can find this section under Settings > XML Sitemaps > General tab. This feature works only with Sitemap Index structure:

Custom XML Sitemap URL: You can add URLs of XML Sitemaps created by other services or static sitemaps to the Sitemap Index. For example:
Last Modified: Optionally specify the last modified date and time for each Custom Sitemap. If not specified, the current datetime is used, indicating that the sitemap is always up-to-date.

Custom Sitemaps feature enhances the flexibility and comprehensiveness of your website’s sitemap index by allowing the inclusion of additional XML sitemaps. Whether it’s sitemaps generated by other services or static sitemaps, this feature ensures that all relevant pages of your website are discoverable by Search Engines.